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As an internet marketer, you should already know that the first thing to do for setting up a product and then start sellling it online is to create an order link and prepare the delivery. You can use Clickbank™, Paypal™, 2checkout™… any solution that gives you an order URL to add in your salespage.

With your order URL in hand, you can then edit the page, insert your name, the order URL and then use FTP to get your files on you website…

Here are the usual steps of setting up your HTML webpage:

But, is there a way you could use a WordPress blog as the platform for setting up your money making products? As you know, search engines love WordPress blogs…

Have you ever tried to take a HTML page,
like the one that comes with any
MRR product you get online, and
transform it into a WordPress page?

In theory, it is possible… But you need to create a special theme for every product you sell (or at least a special WordPress page template), and try to make your salespage look like the one that came with the product… This means that you need to have some php coding knowledge, and you also have plenty of time to spend tweaking your theme or template…

There is another problem: not all product creators are HTML geeks and they come up with some crappy salespages… I am not talking about the content of the salespage, I am talking about the HTML code of that page…

When you open the salespage in a browser, the page might look good, but if you take a look at the actual HTML code, all you get is just some “dirty code” created by some crappy WYSIWYG editor…

Or, it can be worst than that: the product creator has used Word to create his salespage and than just copied it from Word and pasted into a WYSIWYG editor (children, don’t try this at home)… And, if you try to get that “dirty code” and paste it into your WordPress page… well, let’s say that you will not like the result… (just trying to be polite)

Have you ever wanted there’s a way to transform HTML sales pages into WordPress pages with just a few simple clicks?

There MUST be a quicker way to do this…

Well, I have some good news for you: NOW THERE IS a way to transform HTML sales pages into WordPress pages with just a few simple clicks!


Easy HTML to WordPress Page Plugin

If you can copy and paste, you can use this amazing plugin to transform your HTML sales pages into WordPress pages.

This plugin allows you to bypass the WordPress WYSIWYG editor and sends your code directly to the browser, WITHOUT CHANGING A SINGLE LINE OF CODE!!

Let me show you what I mean… Let’s take a look at two pages: one of them is a regular HTML page, while the other is a WordPress page. While visiting these pages, please take a look at the HTML source code of each page…

First Page | Second Page

I have chosen that product for my demo on purpose, because the HTML code of the page would be a HTML geek’s nightmare… But, the ONLY difference between those two pages is that, on the WordPress page (the second one), I have used FULL URLs for the images… Except that, THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE between those two pages…

The plugin is using a special WordPress page template to create the blog page. All you have to do is to paste your HTML code in a special form created below the editor, select the proper template from a dropdown menu and hit “Publish”

And Now Comes the Best Part…

The page template is loaded from the plugin folder, not from the theme folder, as usual, so your page is theme independent: you can change your theme 10 times a day, if you want to, your page will remain unchanged, no matter what theme you are using…

Let me give you an example: let’s say you just got a product with (Master) Resale Rights and you want to set up a page on your website to make some quick cash…

Here are the steps you need to follow to create your page ON YOUR WORDPRESS BLOG:

Step 1

Open up your zip file and start editing the salespage: add your name, the payment button, some bonuses, etc; you must do this if you are using either a classic HTML page or a WordPress page.

Step 2

Upload all the external files you need for your page: images, stylesheet files, javascript files, if needed… For your WordPress page you can upload them on your blog, in a separate folder on your site, on a remote website, on your Amazon S3 account, where ever you want, as long as you can access them with your browser; I will show you how you can do that in a couple of clicks.

Step 3

Update the URLs for you images and all the other files; as I said before, on a WordPress page you need to use full URLs (starting with http), for images, stylesheets, ad all the other external files; again, I will show you how you can do that in a couple of clicks using only Notepad, or any other basic text editor…

Step 4

Create a new WordPress page, copy the entire HTML source code of your page, paste it in the special form provided, select the proper template from a dropdown menu and hit “Publish”… And you’re done!

For Step 1 there is no tutorial. If you call yourself a marketer, even a newbie one, you should already know how to do that…

Steps 2 and 3 will be detailed in the video tutorial that comes with the plugin…

Now, here’s a short video that presents the last step – creating the WordPress page and adding your HTML code to that page:

Of course, you can use the plugin to create a WordPress page out of any static HTML page, not only salespages… You can create squeeze pages, landing pages, review pages, whatever you want…

If you are like me, I bet you have a hard drive full of amazing static HTML templates, but until now you only dreamed to find a way to use them on your blogs… NOW YOU CAN DO THAT!

Here are more pages created using this amazing plugin:

Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4

Also, if you go to my MAIN WEBSITE you will see that almost all of the pages under “Products” and “Special Offers” on the top menu are created using this plugin…

And, YES, this page is also created using this plugin…

Here’s another feature of the plugin – you can add your Google analytics ID to track your pages, without using any other plugin. It works with all the templates of the plugin, except the Easy HTML to WP template (this does not have the required hook)… Just add your code in the corresponding form that you can see in the sidebar metabox, below the templates switcher…

The plugin also includes several WP templates that I have created with affiliate marketers in my mind

Here Are All the Templates Included with
the Easy HTML to WordPress Page Plugin

On the SEO Enhanced templates you will be able to add custom title, custom description, custom keywords and to select what robots can do with your pages, to improve your on page SEO and please Mighty Google and other search engines.

These pages also include the wp_head and wp_footer hooks, so you can use any plugin that is using those two hooks (analytics, any other tracker, and so on)…

Now, before I tell you the price for this plugin, allow me to introduce…


Bonus #1

wpDelay Box
– Delayed Order Button WordPress Plugin –
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Bonus #3

WP Sales Graphic WordPress Plugin
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Bonus #4

WP Easy Custom Fields WordPress Plugin
with No-Restrictions Private Label Rights

The Easiest Way To Add The Content
Of Any Custom Field To Your Post

This is a brand new, never released before plugin
and you are the first to get your hands on it…


So, let’s recap…

Here’s What You Are Getting:

Click The Button Below To
Secure Your Copy Now!

Yes, Paul Mihai!
I understand that I will be getting access to the
Easy HTML to WordPress Page Plugin straight after payment

I also understand that if I’m not happy with the plugin,
I can simply ask for a refund even 30 days from now!

Easy HTML to WordPress Page Plugin

Requirements: This Plugin Requires WordPress 3.x



[YES] You are allowed to use this plugin with any and all of your blogs.
[YES] All future updates of the “Easy HTML to WordPress Page Plugin” are offered for free
[NO] Everything else

* Developer rights are offered after your purchase, on the One Time Offer page



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