Python is a popular programming language

What is it and where is it applied

Python”s hallmark is its easy-to-use syntax, making it a high-level programming language ideal for both beginners and those looking to change direction in IT.
Python is not a new programming language; it was first introduced in 1991. It is a powerful scripting language with a huge number of modules and libraries for almost any task. A huge number of startups are being developed in Python. Development on it is used by such giants as YouTube, Instargam, Pinterest, etc.
Python is versatile, so it is suitable for solving problems in various fields. It can be applied in areas such as the development of mobile applications for iOS and Android, desktop applications, games, in web development, machine learning, data analysis, educational projects, creating ERP systems, business applications, etc.
Of course, he is not a leader in all areas. For example, in mobile development for Android, Java is most often used, less often C #, C ++, as well as the increasingly popular Kotlin. For mobile development for iOS, Swift or Objective-C are used. Python is more often used to program the server side of the application. For example, Instagram”s backend is written in Python.
It is a leading language in areas such as:

Web development.

One of the three languages ​​(Python, PHP, Ruby) that have developed ecosystems for the rapid development of high-quality web projects. Python-based frameworks such as Django and Flask have gained widespread popularity among web developers lately. These frameworks allow you to create server-side code, that is, the back-end part of applications that runs on the server. The Python framework Django is extremely popular at the moment.
The strength of Python lies in the fact that it allows you to quickly develop complex web applications, has a huge number of quality modules.

Data processing.

Python is actively used in machine learning, data analysis, and their visual representation. If with the analysis and visual presentation of data, everything is more or less clear from the names, then we will analyze in more detail about machine learning using an example.
The system “sees” what videos you are watching on YouTube. Not literally watching videos with you, but by certain sets of parameters it understands what videos you are watching. When watching a video, you “train” the system, and it understands which ones you like, which ones you watch most often, and in the recommended videos it gives out videos of topics that are interesting for you.
Machine learning is a very popular area of ​​development today.
Writing scripts. Usually, this means creating small programs to automate simple tasks. For example, companies use a variety of email customer support systems. To analyze the messages received, companies need to calculate how many of them contain certain keywords.
This can be done either manually or by writing a simple program (script) to automatically process messages. Python is great for such tasks, mainly because of its relatively simple syntax and because it can be used to write and test small projects quickly and easily.

Python features

Simple, easy and accessible language to learn. Python has readable syntax. It is much easier to read and write programs in than other languages. It makes programming fun and allows you to focus on the solution, not the syntax. Getting started with Python is a great choice for beginners.
Not too strict. You don”t need to define the type of the variable. There is no need to add “;” at the end of the line. Python enforces techniques for writing readable code (such as consistent indentation). These little things can make learning much easier for beginners.
The expressiveness of the language. Python allows you to write programs with more functionality and fewer lines of code. You will be surprised at how much you can do with Python once you learn the basics of the language.
Standard libraries for common tasks. Python is packed with a number of standard libraries, which makes life easier for the programmer, as there is no need to write all the code yourself.
Great community and support. Lots of active forums on the Internet to help when questions arise.

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